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4 Ways to Construct a Designing Principle for Your Story (With Examples!)

Want to create a story that stands out from the rest? Here are four ways to develop a designing principle, and examples to help you get started.

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Designing Principle Examples

List of 20 Examples
Get this FREE list of 20 designing principles from famous movies and TV shows to give you ideas on how to build one for your story!
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Creativity, Inc.

Ed Catmull

Creativity, Inc. is a must-read for anyone who wants to harness their creativity and achieve success. This book provides an inside look at the making of some of the most successful films in history, and offers advice on how to foster creativity in your own life.

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Neil Gaiman - The Art of Storytelling

MasterClass Course
Join award-winning author, Neil Gaiman for an online writing class in his famous voice. This course on storytelling by the master of the art is definitely a must!
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