Novel Productivity Manager

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Break down your novel into manageable tasks and keep track of your progress as you write, revise, and edit your masterpiece.

Writing a novel is a lot of work. It's easy to get overwhelmed and lose focus.

It's hard to stay productive when you're not sure what to do next or how long it will take you to finish your novel.

The Novel Productivity Manager is the solution for you. This Notion template takes all of the guesswork out of writing your novel by breaking it down into manageable tasks that can be completed on a schedule. You'll be able to set target goal dates and keep track of your progress as you write, revise, and edit your masterpiece.

Don't wait to make a New Years resolution – now is the best time to finally tackle that novel you've been saving in your head.

This Notion template will help you:

  • Build momentum for yourself by always knowing what you can work on next.
  • Manage the overwhelmingness of your novel by breaking it down into bite-sized tasks.
  • Stay motivated to finish your novel by seeing how much progress you've made.


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What's included in this template:

  • 16 pre-built database views to help you keep track of your writing progress and always know what to do next.
  • Scene page template built for writing productivity – includes a Pomodoro timer widget and 4 curated Spotify playlists for focus.
Novel Productivity Manager

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