Writer's Knowledge Organizer

Notion Template

A Notion Template for writers to clip and store learning content from the internet into a centralized library. Tag and aggregate all your notes and acquired storytelling knowledge into an organized Knowledge Base.


Your Library Favorites All In One Place

Clip useful articles or videos you find on the internet using Notion’s Web Clipper Tool and save them all in one centralized Library.

Your Second Brain Organized and Accessible

Keep all the bite-sized lessons you learn from your Library in a tagged Knowledge Base to refer back to easily.

Your Writing Life Focused

Gain clarity and direction for your writing education by grouping your many tags into relevant areas of knowledge.



The Library database stores all the videos, articles, course notes, etc. that you clip from the internet or transpose from a physical medium.

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base database stores all the bite-sized lessons and notes you take from Library Items and allows you to tag them from the Tags database in order to categorize them.


The Tags database stores the many tags you use to categorize Library and Knowledge Base items.


The Areas database is used to group your tags into relevant areas of expertise, skillsets, or hobbies.