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Taking this journey with you.

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Hello friends!

My name is Kevin, the creator of StoryFlint.

Since childhood, I have been deeply fascinated with the art storytelling and what makes a great book, movie, or TV show. I have always loved learning about how people tell their stories. For the last few years I've been trying to learn as much about storytelling while planning my own story, O Burning Star.

Through all my research, I've compiled a lot of resources and knowledge that I hope other storytellers might find useful. As my journey unfolds with my own story, I want to share my knowledge with others and empower other content creators and educators through this website. Storytelling is an art that can be taught, and I hope StoryFlint will provide resources for those who want to learn.

It is my goal for StoryFlint to be a one-stop shop for aspiring writers to help them tell better stories by providing content, resources, and tools that are tailored towards the craft of storytelling through blog articles, Notion templates, curated videos and more!

I'm grateful for all of the patrons and enthusiasts who make this project possible. I can't wait to learn with you and share our knowledge as a community together!

Let's chill out and tell some stories

-Kevin from StoryFlint

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StoryFlint Core Values

Learning - Candel


Continually burning and exploring.⁠ StoryFlint creates and curates insightful resources to help writers learn the art of storytelling to make better stories.
Creativity - Match


Sparking ideas to come alive.⁠ StoryFlint bolsters creativity for writers by providing content that sparks new ideas in order for them to tell new and original stories.
Clarity - Torch


Transparency given to you through the darkness. StoryFlint builds and curates tools that help storytellers gain clarity on their story and its world through organizing and focusing their ideas.
Community - Campfire


The warmth and support of others.⁠ StoryFlint strives to build a community of knowledge-hungry writers to share their lessons and tips with others.

StoryFlint Areas of Content

Story and Writing


How to make your story better with resources on plot, characters, prose, themes, and world building.⁠


See how other creatives are expressing their stories in unique ways.⁠


Exercising your brain to explore what you find interesting and what you excel at.⁠
Productivity and Organization

Productivity + Organization

Helping you to stop procrastinating and get efficient with your work.⁠