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Character Builder

Notion Worksheet or PDF
A worksheet for building the important things about a character. Learn how to create a character that actually matters to your story.

Reflection Journal

Notion Template
Make routine reflections in a centralized and templated journal. Organize your thoughts and actions within your reflections.

Writer's Knowledge Organizer

Notion Template
Clip and store learning content from the internet into a centralized library. Tag and aggregate all your notes and acquired storytelling knowledge into an organized Knowledge Base.

Fictional Story Timeline

Notion Template
Build out your world and organize its history and story's plot. Keep track of events, characters, locations, and chapters for your story.


The Writer's Journey - Mythic Structure for Writers

Christopher Vogler

Explore the universal patterns among the most memorable stories with the 12-steps of the Hero's Journey. Learn how you can use mythic structure to write better, more engaging stories.

Manage Your Day-to-Day


Not only learn how to become a better time manager but also the way to maintain balance between your professional and personal life. This book doesn't promise any quick fixes or easy solutions—it teaches whole methods for achieving true productivity in each day.

The Anatomy of Story

John Truby

A comprehensive tutorial covering the fundamentals of story examining each essential element and showing authors how to weave them seamlessly together to make an effective narrative.

Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable

Ebenezer Cobham Brewer

This ancient tome is packed with words and phrases from many famous phrases, allusions, and figures from history and mythology. Great for building prose and world building.

Sites and Apps

Focus Keeper


The perfect way to make sure you don't burn out. Set up focused sessions for work and use the timer to stay productive all day long. Whether you want one focused hour or six–this app will help give you what you need.

Fantasy Name Generators


Discover names for your characters, locations, and so much more from over 1400 name generators based on historical, mythological, or pop culture references.


Free w/ Paid Upgrades

Organize your life and your story with a customizable workspace. Build knowledge bases, wikias, databases, and documents the way you want.


Free w/ Paid Upgrades

Build imaginative concept art and character designs for your story using artificial intelligence.

Hemingway Editor


And online editing tool that gives tight and crisp writing style and helps you to write more concisely.


Free w/ Paid Upgrades

A one-of-a-kind web app that lets you design a website just the way you want it. No need for templates or learning how to code–if you can envision it, you can make it.


Neil Gaiman - The Art of Storytelling

MasterClass Course
Join award-winning author, Neil Gaiman for an online writing class in his famous voice. This course on storytelling by the master of the art is definitely a must!