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StoryFlint's most valuable resources are its Notion templates and guides tailored for storytellers like yourself to assist in planning, organizing, and developing your stories. Here's a simple roadmap to help you make the most of what StoryFlint has to offer!

Sign up for Notion

Step 1: Sign up for Notion

When you sign up for Notion for free on their official website, you can then download their desktop or mobile app or simply use Notion in your browser. Once you're logged in, you'll unlock Notion's powerful tools for organization and productivity.

And remember, Notion isn't just for organizing and crafting your story – it's a versatile tool that can spruce up various aspects of your life!

Choose a StoryFlint Template

Step 2: Choose your StoryFlint template(s)

Explore StoryFlint's library of Notion templates designed for writers and storytellers. Pick a template and guide that resonates with your current needs. When you get access to a template/guide, you'll be able to copy the template over to your own Notion account to use.

Learn Notion

Step 3: Learn Notion

The fun keeps going! Become a Notion master. Dive into the world of Notion to learn how to customize StoryFlint's templates for your unique workflow and writing process.

Follow StoryFlint on Instagram and Youtube

Step 4: Follow StoryFlint

For more inspiration and updates, make sure you follow StoryFlint on Instagram and YouTube. By doing so, you'll gain access to a wealth of resources, including tutorial videos and tips and tricks that will help you harness the full potential of your StoryFlint templates.

Learn the art of storytelling

Step 5: Learn the art of storytelling

Immerse yourself in our knowledge content that covers various aspects of storytelling, from character development to plot structuring and beyond.


Step 6: Explore more

Discover additional content from StoryFlint, such as handpicked tools and resources designed to help writers refine their craft.