Need help creating a well-rounded character for your story?

StoryFlint's AI Character Builder Worksheet is the perfect tool to get you rolling. This Notion AI-powered worksheet contains AI prompts that'll guide you through building a three-dimensional character that's full of personality and backstory. No more hours spent coming up with new ideas – let this worksheet do the hard work for you!

Not only does this template save time but it also helps keep your creativity flowing and inspired. Whether it's an antagonist or main protagonist, our AI prompts will ensure that your characters have realistic traits, motivations, flaws and goals. Create one truly memorable person without having to come up with all the details yourself!

Character Idea Prompt List Included

Along with this Worksheet you get 112 unique prompts that you can use in an AI chat (like ChatGPT or Notion AI) and generate character ideas for any genre. These prompts will help you think outside the box, stirring up creativity and allowing you to create characters with interesting characteristics and personalities!

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AI Character Generation Prompts List

Character AI Generation Prompts

This list provides 112 unique prompts that you can use in an AI chat (like ChatGPT or Notion AI) and generate character ideas for any genre.
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Get for free
  • List of 112 character generation prompts
AI Character Builder

AI Character Builder

A Notion AI-Powered Worksheet to build three-dimensional characters with step-by-step prompts. List of 112 AI Character Generation Prompts included.
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Get it now
  • List of 112 character generation prompts
  • Step-by-step AI-powered worksheet

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