Positive Character Arc Builder

Notion Step-by-Step Guide

Struggling with how to develop a positive character arc for your protagonist?

Look no further! This detailed guide is packed with all the information you need to make sure your story has a satisfying and uplifting ending.

This guide is broken down into 16 steps with detailed instructions and examples. You'll go through steps like:

  • Building the Lie your character believes
  • Building the Truth your character needs to learn
  • How your character's Lie manifests in their Normal World
  • How to make your story's Inciting Incident the start of your character's discovery of their Truth
  • What makes the Midpoint of your story the pivot point of your character's arc?
  • And more!

Follow these 16 steps and you will create a character that your readers will love and root for until the very end. With this guide, you can’t go wrong.

Download this Notion guide to duplicate into your workspace today!

Still unsure of what you'll get?

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