Fictional Story Timeline

Notion Template

This Notion Template is great for storytellers looking to build out their world and organize its history and story's plot. Keep track of events, characters, locations, and chapters for your story.

Why did I create this?

While rewatching the TV show, LOST, I wanted to get a better understand of its complicated timeline of events. I created a Notion dashboard – LOST Timeline – that organized and all the events of the show and allowed me to view the show's timeline from a variety of different perspectives. After sharing this dashboard on social media, people asked for a template of this they could use themselves.

Also, I myself am an amateur fiction writer. I've been using this structure of a timeline in Notion to organize my own future story's timeline, O Burning Star.


Sorted Events Timeline

Keep track of the different events of your story in an easy-to-use multi-relational database built for fiction writers and world builders.

Character List

Tie your list of characters to your Events timeline to have dynamically connected instances so you always know who did what and when.

Location Gallery

Keep organized lists of events for each town, city, or country in your story that you can easier refer to while also having it connected to your timeline of events

Custom Months and Eras

If your story is set in a fantasy world, you might have different months (in terms of number and names) than the real world. In this template, you can create unique Months to keep track of. If your world history has sets of years categorized by different eras you can also create custom eras. Both Months and Eras are connected to your Events timeline to create a well-sorted timeline.