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Create a World Building Bible for your story, fictional world, or campaign. This allows you to keep all of your world building information organized and easily accessible.

Are you creating a fictional world for your story or DnD campaign?

Is this you?

❓ "I want to build my world, but I don't know where to start or how to keep notes of it."

💢 "I have a bunch of documents and files about my world all over the place. I can't keep it all straight."

😡 "I'm currently using a tool that's not flexible enough for my fictional world. I also don't like paying a monthly fee for said tool."

👉 You need a World Building Bible

What is a World Building Bible?

A world building bible is a document that contains all the important information about your world. It can include things like the history and geography of your world, as well as the religions and cultures.

It's an essential tool to keep your fictional world organized and consistent.

Your solution:

StoryFlint's World Building Bible is an easy-to-use Notion template that will help you organize all the information about your world! It’s perfect for writers who need to keep track of their characters and settings in one place.

[.testimonial-message]"Very comprehensive and well-organized, with lots of room for customization and flexibility"[.testimonial-message]
– Emma D. |
World Building Bible user as of Nov. 25, 2022

This Notion template will help you:

  • Gain clarity on your fictional world by organizing your characters, locations, history, settings, and more.
  • Easily refer back to notes as you're writing or building your campaign.
  • Build your story's characters with pre-made templated profiles.


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What's included in this Notion template:

[.database-feature]7 interconnected databases for not just characters and events, but more things like your world's countries, cities, governments, landscape, cults, religions, sports, language, animals, plants, historical figures, and so much more.[.database-feature]

[.dashboard-feature]4 pre-made dashboards organized for different workflows to help build your world.[.dashboard-feature]

[.guide-feature]Detailed instructions on how to upgrade StoryFlint's Fictional History Timeline into a World Building Bible.[.guide-feature]

[.ucb-feature]+ integrated Ultimate Character Builder version includes StoryFlint's Ultimate Character Builder built-in and already-integrated.[.ucb-feature]


Starting at $9, the price goes up every 100 copies sold until it reaches the max price.


How is the World Building Bible different than StoryFlint's Fictional History Timeline template?

This World Building Bible template has 3 new databases that are not in the Fictional History Timeline: Settings, Details, and Research.

Along with the new databases, the Characters, Locations, Events, and Groups databases are more robust with new fields, relations, and more advanced page templates.

Do I have to start over if I've already started to build my world with the Fictional History Timeline template?

Of course not! This template gives Fictional History Timeline owners detailed instructions on how to upgrade their already existing timeline to the World Building Bible and examples of how it's built.

Do I need the Fictional History Timeline in order to use this?

Nope! You can build your world completely from scratch with this template all in the Notion app.

Do I have to pay to use Notion?

Notion's personal plan is completely free and you get unlimited blocks and pages with it. That means this World Building Bible can be used by any free Notion user. Learn more here.

World Building Bible

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WBB Base Version

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Base version: 7 interconnected databases and 4 pre-made dashboards.
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WBB + Integrated UCB

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