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The Power of Two Plus Two – Subtle Storytelling

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In this video, Kent Lamb explains how the "Two Plus Two" technique of storytelling can make your audience collaborators in your story. Using examples from successful and unsuccessful films, he breaks down the technique and explains the importance of subtlety in storytelling. Learn how to make your audience love your story by letting them find the solutions for themselves.


  • The "Two Plus Two" technique of storytelling involves giving the audience the pieces to put together the story themselves. This technique is a bedrock of good storytelling and is effective in both horror and other genres.
  • Effective storytelling is often subtle, and relies on the audience to connect the dots.
  • The best horror films don't wrap everything up in a nice bow; they allow the audience to fill in the gaps with their own fears.
  • Bad storytelling over-explains what is happening and doesn't give the audience room to figure things out for themselves.
  • Double twists can work in storytelling, but it's important to give the audience enough time to process and appreciate each twist.