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Miyazaki Realistic Characters

The Secret to Miyazaki's Realistic Characters

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This video explores how legendary director Hayao Miyazaki creates some of the most realistic and complex characters in animation. By paying close attention to real people and real-life issues, Miyazaki's characters feel more grounded and alive than those in traditional cinema or anime. Using Princess Mononoke as an example, we delve into the small details and gestures that make Miyazaki's characters feel fully fleshed out and how he subverts stereotypes to create more complex and human characters.



  • Miyazaki pays close attention to small details and gestures to make characters feel fully fleshed out.
  • Miyazaki's characters are not purely good or evil, but rather complex and human.
  • Miyazaki's films often have allusions to real-world issues and focus on humanity's place in the world.
  • Miyazaki's attention to detail and observation of real people creates realistic and complex characters in animation.