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Star Wars Climax

Why Star Wars (1977) is a Climactic Masterpiece

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In this video, the climactic space battle scene in Star Wars (1977) is analyzed in-depth, with a focus on why Luke's decision to trust the Force over technology was necessary for the mission's success. The video breaks down the scene shot-by-shot, revealing the subtle details and expert editing that make it a cinematic masterpiece. You’ll gain a new appreciation for the film and its enduring legacy.

Plot + Structure


  • A good way to create suspense, put the solution to the story's problem in the exact worst place for it to be.
  • Add momentum to a suspenseful scene by adding more dangers or obstacles.
  • The tension in the scene is created through the use of sound dynamics in lieu of music.
  • The lack of music adds to the tension and creates a jarring shift in tone.
  • The offbeat rhythm of the music forces us to sit in the moment of tension without release.