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Author Clock
Author Clock
Author Clock

Author Clock

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Discover the Author Clock: an innovative timepiece displaying time with literary quotes from over seven centuries. Perfect for readers and eco-conscious individuals, it's a novel way to tell time and inspire, with a tree planted for each sale.


Meet the Author Clock? It's this super cool timepiece that doesn't just tell time; it tells stories through literary quotes. Imagine having a gadget that pulls you into tales from over seven centuries and from every corner of the globe, offering a fresh quote every minute. It's bound to be the new highlight of your room and a magnet for conversations.

This isn't just any clock. It's like a love letter to books on your desk or shelf, making a bold statement and, yeah, it also happens to tell time. And get this - with every purchase, they plant a tree. So, you're not just getting a piece of art; you're also giving back to Mother Earth.

Dubbed a haiku in physical form, the Author Clock is where craftsmanship meets literary geek-out moments and a high-five to the environment. So, if you love books and care about our planet, this is something you definitely want to check out. It's more than a clock; it's a small step into a larger story, and you're invited.


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