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David Mamet – Dramatic Writing
David Mamet – Dramatic Writing
David Mamet – Dramatic Writing

David Mamet – Dramatic Writing

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Join Pulitzer Prize-winner David Mamet in his MasterClass to master the art of dramatic writing. Discover his unique "Mamet-speak" style of dialogue, learn the fundamentals of drama, plot structure, and how to craft compelling characters. Elevate your writing with insights from his exclusive video lessons and case studies.


Discover the secrets of dramatic writing with Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, acclaimed screenwriter, and distinguished film director David Mamet.

Famous for his unique "Mamet-speak" dialogue style, David offers in-depth insights into crafting compelling dialogue, developing a distinctive voice, and constructing a gripping narrative. Learn the fundamentals of drama, including plot structure and how to keep your story engaging and straightforward. With case studies, exclusive video lessons, and hands-on guidance, this online class covers:

  • Understanding and recognizing drama
  • Focusing on your hero's journey
  • Applying writing rules to enhance your script
  • Drawing from personal experiences to fuel your drama
  • Creating clear objectives for your characters
  • Effective plot structuring
  • Identifying and eliminating unnecessary scenes
  • Overcoming writer's block
  • Presenting truth to the audience
  • Casting the perfect actors for your play

This MasterClass is perfect for aspiring writers and anyone interested in the mechanics of storytelling. Whether you're aiming to write compelling scripts, create engaging narratives, or understand the intricacies of dramatic writing, David Mamet’s online class is your guide to creating your own masterpiece.


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