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Discover Kanka: the ultimate tool for worldbuilding and RPG campaign management. Streamline your story with interactive features, collaborative options, and a community-driven platform, all accessible across devices. Join for free to elevate your storytelling experience.


Meet Kanka, your new best friend for worldbuilding and running tabletop RPG campaigns. It's a super cool platform for all you storytellers and creators out there, making it super easy to keep your campaigns and worlds neatly organized. Loaded with awesome features like calendars, interactive maps, timelines, and in-depth character creation, it's a breeze to manage even the most complex settings.

Good news, it's mobile-friendly too, so you can keep everything synced up no matter where you are. Forget about the headache of scattered notes; Kanka makes your storytelling and game management smooth and fun. Plus, it's all about collaboration and letting you tweak things your way—add pals to your campaigns, tweak modules, or even play around with custom CSS.

Worried about cost? Don't be! Kanka's got a free tier that gives you unlimited access to the main goodies. And if you're looking for more advanced features, their plans start from just $4.99 to $24.99 a month, which is a pretty sweet deal for leveling up your worldbuilding and campaign management.

It's a platform that really listens to its community, constantly rolling out new features based on what users want, all while keeping your data safe and sound. Plus, they spotlight Featured Campaigns to give you a taste of some seriously inspiring visual storytelling and deep lore.

So, in a nutshell, if you're into making your game mastering and storytelling life as easy and creative as possible, Kanka's got your back. With its mix of rich customization options, collaborative vibes, and a community-focused spirit, all wrapped up in a user-friendly package, it's the perfect sidekick for bringing your wildest visions to life.


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