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Margaret Atwood – Creative Writing
Margaret Atwood – Creative Writing
Margaret Atwood – Creative Writing

Margaret Atwood – Creative Writing

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Join Margaret Atwood in her first-ever online class as she shares her approach to crafting vivid prose and engaging storytelling. Learn from the award-winning author of The Handmaid's Tale about creating dystopias, character development, narrative techniques, and more to captivate readers and elevate your writing.


Join Margaret Atwood's first-ever online writing class on MasterClass, where the acclaimed author of "The Handmaid's Tale" shares her secrets to crafting engaging prose, captivating readers through masterful storytelling. Learn from Margaret Atwood, celebrated as one of the greatest fiction authors globally, with a prolific career spanning over 50 novels, poetry collections, and critical essays. Dive deep into her award-winning dystopian narrative, "The Handmaid's Tale," which not only won an Emmy for its adaptation into a Hulu TV series but also topped Amazon's bestseller list in 2017. With the TV series approaching its fourth season, Atwood's storytelling continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

Explore Atwood’s Booker Prize-nominated work, "Alias Grace," which has also been successfully adapted into a Netflix series. In this comprehensive online class, Margaret Atwood covers a vast array of writing techniques and topics, including developing complex dystopian worlds, structuring narratives, character creation, speculative fiction, narrative perspectives, dialogue crafting, and enhancing prose style and texture.

Perfect for aspiring writers and fans of Atwood’s novels, this MasterClass offers invaluable insights into creating stories that resonate with readers across generations. Whether you're interested in speculative fiction or looking to improve your narrative skills, Margaret Atwood's online writing class is your gateway to exploring the depths of storytelling with one of the literary world’s most influential voices.


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