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Discover how the ReMarkable 2 revolutionizes writing for authors and creatives with its paper-like feel, extended battery life, and focus-enhancing design. Perfect for managing manuscripts, notes, and drafts effortlessly.


The ReMarkable 2 is a game-changer for writers and authors, giving you that cool digital yet paper-like feel that's just perfect for bringing your stories to life. Check out why creative types are loving it:

  • Feels Like Real Paper: With its second-gen CANVAS display, a 10.3” crisp digital paper screen, and a special Marker that mimics pen on paper, you get to sketch and jot down ideas in the most natural way. And the best part? No need to charge it all the time or fuss with setup.
  • Built for Your Creative Flows: Super thin at 4.7 mm and lightweight at about 403.5 g, it's easy to take with you, and the battery lasts ages. That means you can keep your creative juices flowing anytime, anywhere, without any annoying stops.
  • Keeps You Focused: The ReMarkable 2 cuts out the usual digital noise like emails and social media, so you can focus on your writing. Importing documents is easy, and it plays nice with cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive, helping you move smoothly from first draft to final piece.
  • Handles All Your Files: It's great with PDF and ePUB files, letting you keep all your notes, manuscripts, and research neat with folders and tags. Annotate PDFs directly, and even turn your handwritten notes into typed text to make editing and revising a breeze.
  • Easy Sharing and Access: Comes with a 1-year free trial of Connect, offering unlimited cloud storage and syncing across devices. Super handy for sharing drafts with editors or working with co-authors.

For professional writers, students, and anyone in the literary world looking for a digital but traditional-feeling tool to help with their creative process, the ReMarkable 2 is a standout choice that keeps the essence of writing alive and well.


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