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Enneagram 1

Enneagram Type 1 Characters

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In this video, the Enneagram personality typing system is used to analyze how characters in film portray personality type 1, the Reformer. The focus is on the Reformer's need for justice and their struggle with perfectionism. The video also explores the common themes and character arcs of type 1 characters in film, ranging from unhealthy ones consumed by perfectionism to healthy ones who inspire positive change and reformation.



  • The Type 1 personality is known as the Reformer, and feels that there is something inherently wrong with either themselves or with the world around them, creating a deep need for them to correct the imperfections and injustices they face throughout their lives.
  • Unhealthy Type 1 characters are consumed by perfectionism, while healthy Type 1 characters inspire positive change and reformation.
  • Type 1 characters are based in the real, instead of the ideal, allowing them to have the clearest sense of right and wrong.
  • Type 1 characters are considered to be the wisest of the nine types because of their discernment.
  • Type 1 characters have an emotional passion, which in the case of Type 1 is anger, a toxic anger directed towards themselves for falling short of perfection and a righteous anger directed towards the world and society at large for being corrupt.
  • Type 1 characters' greatest strengths are also their greatest weaknesses, as they can overdo their focus on fulfilling ideals and correcting imperfections to the point where they engage in their emotional passion when perfection isn't attained.
  • Type 1 characters' need to control themselves and their natural impulses can cause them to move towards either Type 4 or Type 7.
  • Type 1 characters make for intriguing pieces with themes centered around justice, order, and grace, and because themes like these are always a part of our conversations as a culture, there is no shortage of Type 1 characters in film, especially as they make for very compelling heroes and villains.