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How To Do A Plot Twist

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In this video, explore how to execute a perfect plot twist by analyzing Rian Johnson's "Knives Out". We discuss the three rules of subverting expectations, and how to use them to enhance your story going forward. Additionally, we delve into Johnson's journey as a director in subverting expectations, and the lessons he learned from his previous work on "The Last Jedi".

Storytelling Essentials


  • The three rules of subverting expectations: Enhance your story going forward; Have strong verisimilitude with the story's logic that's come before; Be in keeping with all the promises that you've made so far to your audience.
  • Foreshadowing is not always necessary for a great plot twist.
  • Drip feeding in hints and information in a specific order can make a twist more satisfying.
  • Keeping promises made to the audience is crucial for a successful subversion.