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Notion Databases

Intro to Notion databases

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In this comprehensive video, the Notion team delves into the powerful world of databases within the Notion app. From creating a new database to adding properties and building a content calendar, they cover it all in an easy-to-follow guide. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced Notion user, this video will take your Notion game to the next level.

Database (Notion)


  • A database in Notion is more than just a spreadsheet; it has unique formatting and interactivity features.
  • Every row in a Notion database is a unique page, and every column is a property that can have different data types.
  • You can build a content calendar using databases in Notion.
  • Name property in a database serves as an identifier for each database entry.
  • The type of property in a database must be designated, such as a person property or a date property.
  • Databases in Notion can exist in line on a page or open up to their own page.
  • Tags in a database can be used to identify and categorize entries.
  • Databases in Notion can unlock new ways of using the platform and can facilitate the creation of complex tools.