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Notion Linked Views

Using linked database views in Notion

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Welcome to Notion's comprehensive guide on mastering database views in the Notion app. Throughout this video, you'll learn how to centralize and visualize your team's knowledge using this powerful feature. Notion walks you through examples, provides tips on layout customization, and shows you how to create your own personalized dashboard.

Database (Notion)
Database View (Notion)


  • Database views are a powerful feature in Notion that allow you to visualize and organize information stored in databases.
  • You can customize database views to fit your needs by changing the layout and adding filters.
  • Changes made to the data in a database view will be reflected in the original data source. However, changes made to the view itself, such as layout modifications or filter additions, only affect the page you're viewing the data on.
  • To create a linked view, type "/database", select the layout you want to start with, and choose your data source.
  • Database views can be used to create centralized team dashboards, project plans, and more.
  • You can add different types of information to your dashboard, such as documents, meeting notes, and projects, by creating columns and applying filters.