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Notion Page Templates

Using database page templates in Notion

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In this comprehensive tutorial, we dive into the powerful world of Notion's database templates. You'll learn how to create, implement, and maximize your use of these templates to streamline regular tasks, meetings, and complex projects. From meeting notes to project management, discover how Notion's templates can revolutionize your workflow.

Database (Notion)
Page Template (Notion)


  • Notion's database templates help streamline regular tasks, meetings, and complex projects.
  • These templates can be used to structure meeting notes effectively, making them more consistent and easier to navigate.
  • You can add linked databases to your templates to have easy access to relevant information during meetings.
  • The use of toggles in templates can help organize your agenda or other sections within your meeting notes.
  • Templates can also include instructions or guidelines for your team, increasing clarity and efficiency.
  • Notion's templates save automatically and can be used multiple times without affecting the original format.