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Whether you're working on a novel, screenplay, essay or dissertation, this app is everything you need to start writing and keep writing, from outlining to drafting to editing and more.

Scrivener's side-by-side view of documents
Scrivener's side-by-side view of documents

Scrivener is a powerful app that helps writers of all kinds through every step of the book writing process. It provides everything you need to start writing and keep writing, including tools for outlining, drafting, and editing. It's a robust book writing software program that can help you write your book more efficiently and effectively.

Key Features

  • The Corkboard helps you to plan your writing project by representing each section as an index card.
  • Outliner tool that helps you view and organize your draft.
  • Side-by-side document views.
  • Distraction-free writing environment for focus mode.
  • Compile your book into multiple formats including ePub, Kindle, and PDF.
Scrivener's Corkboard feature
Scrivener's Corkboard feature that allows to to rearrange elements of your story while moving parts of your manuscript at the same time.

Other Features

  • Saves your work as you go, and can back up your projects automatically.
  • Use the "snapshot" feature in a word processor to save different versions of a document so you can return to an earlier version if needed.
  • Set writing goals and track your progress.
  • Non-fiction writers can use Scrivener to write papers in various formats and easily reference research materials.
Scrivener's Outlining tool

Software Type

Mac, Windows, and iOS app.


  • 30-day free trial available.
  • After free-trail, one-time payment of $49.

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