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Mentor Characters

How to Write Mentor Characters

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Explore the role of mentor characters in storytelling. This video discusses the importance of the mentor's relationship to the protagonist's lie and their specific insight into the truth. The video also covers the different ways to humanize mentor characters and the various scene types that can be used to explore their role in the narrative.

Character Archetype


  • The mentor character plays a critical role in the protagonist's character arc.
  • The mentor's specific insight is what makes them effective, and it should be related to the protagonist's lie.
  • There are three types of scenes that can help mentor the protagonist: action-reaction scene, emotional opposition scene, and action lesson scene.
  • Mentors should be humanized by showing flaws or having a character arc.
  • Killing the mentor may not be necessary and should have a second purpose in the narrative.
  • The mentor's aesthetic matters less than their function in the narrative.